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Dr. Roger Wågsjö's father, Nils, was a second generation pioneer of the Pentecostal movement in Sweden and was mentored and ordained by the movement's founder, Lewi Petrus. After having been called to the ministry at a young age, Nils Wågsjö traveled throughout the world ministering in churches such as Amy McPherson's church, Angeles Temple, in L.A., California, Rex Hunburd's church, Cathedral of Tomorrow, in Akron, Ohio, and Robert Schuller's, Chrystal Cathedral, in L.A. California. Nils ministered in meetings with notables such as Smith Wiggelsworth, William Branham, and Kathryn Kuhlman. In addition to singing at the White House in Washington D.C. for President J.F. Kennedy, Nils Wågsjö, a classically trained lyric tenor, sang for Queen Elisabeth of England, and the King Gustav XVI of Sweden. He also pastored for nearly 35 years in Smyrna church in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Dr. Wågsjö received his salvation at the age of 8, and at the age of 9, he was both baptized in the Holy Spirit and in water. Dr. Roger began his music studies as a young child and participated in the music program at Smyrna church, before he later went onto studying music at university level for twelve years in Scandinavia. In the end, he earned both a doctorate degree in violoncello and a doctorate degree in voice.

Toward the end of his cello studies, God lead Dr. Roger to change direction to pursue opera and theatrical studies at Opera Högskolan in Stockholm, Sweden. To close the deal, he requested God to confirm that, if this was indeed His will, God would give to Dr. Roger, as his wife, the girl who he had met in Dallas, Texas four years earlier. Unaware of this request and after a couple of years of no communication, Consuelo, "the girl" who lived in Dallas, felt in her heart, to give him a call. However, when she made the phone-call, it was in the middle of the night in Sweden (7 hours later than CST). Roger's older brother, Peter, answered the phone and informed Consuelo that Roger was sound asleep, and, thusly, the conversation ended.

The next day Roger was devastated at this happening, and decided, along with a musician friend, to go to the furthest northern island outside of Gothenburg, called Rörö. There, to pray, fast (solely drinking juices), and practice for an entire week. When he returned to Gothenburg, there was a letter waiting for him from Consuelo. Within a year, they were married.

Dr. Roger now had to fulfill his part of the bargain by submitting his application to the opera school. Although, up to this point, he had been in good health, Dr. Roger suddenly and unnaturally, afflicted by severe asthma and allergies. This went on for several months and impeded all attempts of vocal and theatrical preparation. On two separate occasions, Dr. Roger fasted for 21 days in order to try to get God to heal him, yet without results. The deadline was approaching, yet both he and his wife, felt in their hearts that God would have him to remain with the plan to audition—to travel from Gothenburg to Stockholm where the admissions trial of one week would take place.

When audition time came around, an supernatural intervention of God's grace came and touched Dr. Roger and instantly healed him from severe allergies and asthma, while auditioning. He was accepted into the program. After having completed his education, Dr. Roger worked for several years as a lead tenor in Stockholm, Sweden.

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Roger Wågsjö and his family packed up their four suitcases and moved to the United States in 1983. There, they founded and pastored a church for several years and had their own television program for three-and-one-half years on the KLTJ network. It was entitled, Word of Salt, and in addition to the teaching and preaching of the gospel, the show was unique in that it featured classical music performances by the Wågsjö family and other international guest artists. It became the second most popular show on that Christian network, Keep Looking to Jesus.

In 1990, God opened the door for ministry in Latin America with mass evangelistic healing crusades and church planting.

In year 2000, another ministry was born, Artists United International, which serves and supports the needs of artists and performers and encourages and disciples them to seek to glorify God through their art with the help of the prophetic Spirit of God.


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